I purchased this bag from the Coach Men's Store about a year ago. I really liked the boxy feeling and the simplicity of it. Later on I discovered that this bag just wasn't fit for most of my outfits, and I almost didn't use it or look at it. The strap of this bag was a little bit too masculine for me (well, it is a men's bag after all), so I decided to put a feminine touch to it, by adding square studs to the strap (they are my favorite decretive addition).

Materials and tools I used: Studs, tape, scissors, thread, needle, ruler, and a pencil.

Instead of glue, I used a sewing method to put the studs on the strap. First I put two studs on, then used tape to make marks, helping me to keep the studs straight.

I measured 1 inch marks between each row and sewed the row along that mark for the entire length of the strap.

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